Services we can provide

With a whole team behind me I am able to provide world class real estate services and connections with dozens of contacts for all of your needs to accomplish your real estate goals. 

- Rosie Cardenas

Buyer Representation

We provide the full service Buyer Representation package. Property research, daily updates on properties available that fits your desired property. 

Listing for Sellers

As a member of HAR we list all residential properties online and create a private web page for marketing each property.  

Commercial Listing

Rosie is also a member of Loopnet which is a commercial property listing for public and agent searches and marketing for all commercial properties.


Are you struggling with the notion of investing in real estate, not sure if you are able to sell an inherited property, or looking into owner financing options? I can help answer any questions you may have. Consultations are free of charge upon representation. 

Document Preperation

I have access to every document you might possibly need in the selling of your home yourself. I will draw up all documents needed for you to be legally protected. 

Commercial Buyers

Experienced in commercial transactions and can provide superb representation for all buyers along with sellers. With access to commercial listing services we get daily updates for properties that fit your requirements.